Imagine being able to get inside the head of world-renowned professional poker player Gus Hansen and share the secrets that make him win? Well, thanks to this poker book, you can! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional poker player, with Gus Hansen by your side, you’ll boost your game and see it take off!

This poker book is awesome. You’re in Gus Hansen’s head during his 2007 Aussie Million win. I had been playing poker for about 2 years. I had locked myself into a very ABC game, pretty tight and rigid, boring limit. While reading this book, I discovered that playing poker could be really fun. You can feel Gus Hansen having fun at the table. You want to experiment with his style of play. Of all the poker books, this one is a favourite in my library.

Gus Hansen wrote this book when he was at the peak of his poker career, riding high on the success of his third World Poker Tour win. Every Hand Revealed is an unconventional book from an unconventional player. Hansen keeps a note of every hand that he played at the 2007 Aussie Millions Main Event. What’s more, he went on to win that event and the prize money of $1,500,000.

One of professional poker’s most intriguing and fascinating players, Gus Hansen has often been called “The Madman” for his crazy, fearless, aggressive style. But you can’t dispute the fact that this poker superstar knows how to win–and win big. The holder of the inaugural Poker Superstars Invitational title as well as the only player to win three World Poker Tour tournaments, Gus won his fifth major international title when he became the 2007 Aussie Millions Champion, outlasting 747 players and nabbing $1.2 million. Now, for the first time ever, Gus analyzes the hands that he played during the tournament and reveals his secrets for winning in Every Hand Revealed.

You’ll learn:

  • An extensive, easy-to-follow analysis of the more than 300 hands he played during the Aussie Millions
  • The radical, yet coolly logical, methods behind Gus’s “madness” that have helped him to win consistently
  • Each and every bluff, precise calculation, educated guess, and read of his opponents
  • How to call large bets with seemingly unplayable hands
  • When to raise out of position with garbage holdings
  • How the prize structure should influence your play
  • And much more!

Offering unlimited access to one of the most successful, popular poker players out there, Every Hand Revealed will help you understand some of poker’s most coveted secrets–and simply shows you the right way to play the game whether you’re a beginner or a poker pro. Now with Gus Hansen by your side, you too can turbo-charge your game and watch it take off!

Genius poker star Gus Hansen has stirred up the poker world with his loose, aggressive style. Called “The Great Dane” as well as “The Madman,” the five-time international title-holder transforms his hands with cool logic …and flattens his opponents. Voted one of the world’s sexiest men by People Magazine, Gus is a devoted competitor, backgammon player, and poker commentator for both Danish and American T.V.

This poker book will give you an uncommon understanding into the psyche of a triumphant poker player, and keep you stuck with its forthright, sharp composition, and valuable information.