Are you sick of losing at small stakes?  Improve your skills and find out how to win big.

Have you been stuck playing lousy tournaments versus bad competitions?  Can you lose even in the smallest stakes?  It is time to master small stakes poker with a world-class poker winner as your mentor.

This two-time World Poker Tour winner knows what it takes to win big: you need to start little.  Through his innovative and advanced strategy, you may eventually master the skills required to grind and succeed at small stakes tournaments. By figuring out how to beat the opposition, you will be well prepared to handle serious challenges – and cash out even bigger amounts – which include bigger buy-in tournaments.

This is what you will find in the poker book Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments:

  • Strategies which will instantly enhance your poker game
  • The best way to quit blaming bad fortune and find out the world’s best kept secrets to mastering poker
  • Why the pros make the plays their way and how you can embrace their methodology.

If you learn how to think for yourself and adapt your plan based on specific opponents and situations, you are going to begin to turn your game around.  As the writer of 11 bestselling poker books, Jonathan Little will show you precisely how to learn these strategies and win far more money in the long run.

Should you prefer concise, actionable advice you can begin using immediately, then you will love Little’s game-changing poker blueprint.

Where most poker players are dreaming of winning $10,000,000 in poker, most of them can’t even win at the lowest stakes. They generally blame their misfortune on their failures when in reality they are simply not good enough at poker. 

The secret to mastering poker doesn’t lie in memorizing hand rankings or following a predetermined system. You must learn to think for yourself while at the table in order to adapt your game plan based on your particular opponents. 

Strategies to beat Small stakes poker tournaments will explain how. In this guidebook, Jonathan Little, two-time World Poker Tour champion, exposes many of the strategies he uses that will allow you to beat your opponents, giving you the opportunity to work your way up to the middle and high stakes.

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